Schaefer Engineering, Inc. - Upcoming Training Sessions

Our engineers will share their expertise and experiences at the Central Illinois Fire Investigators Association (CIFIA) Training Conference, February 17-19, 2023, in Peoria, Illinois. Here is a list of the seminar classes offered by Schaefer Engineering:

  • Solar and Battery Storage Systems - Ben Fischer, PE
  • Bits, Bytes, Flights, and More – Todd Metzger, PE

Mr. Fischer’s course includes safety and best practices for inspection and investigation of fires involving solar arrays and will include hands-on evaluation of commonly used components.  It will also cover the basics of design and installation methods of grid tied and battery backup equipped solar systems, discussion of the different types of equipment and battery systems that may be encountered, evaluation of various battery chemistries and features, as well as discussion of emerging industry trends, code changes, and new technology in this rapidly changing field.

Mr. Metzger’s course will provide information and resources related to new technologies available for use by the fire investigator for conducting investigations, documenting scenes, and more.  These new resources to be discussed include 3D laser scanning, aerial photography, drone usage, LiDAR, and photogrammetry among other items.