Forensic Engineering Testing Services

Our Expertise

Our highly skilled team has the facility and equipment capabilities to design, construct, and test exemplar equipment and systems to acquire valuable data to prove hypothesis and opinions. In addition, we build trial exhibits which have proven to be an effective means of communicating with and convincing the jury of findings. Our test models, procedures and results, as well as our trial exhibits, have been admissible in court.

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Our Capabilities

Advanced Test and Measurement Equipment
  • Laser Scanners and 3D Modeling
  • Fully Automated Stereomicroscope with Integrated Digital Camera
  • Temperature and Voltage Data Acquisition Systems
  • Comprehensive Carbon Monoxide Concentration Measurement and Data Acquisition Systems
  • UL 103 & 127 Specified Flue Gas Generator and Test Cell
  • Complete Fuel Gas System Flow & Pressure Measurement Capabilities
Testing and Modeling
  • In-House Design and Construction of Fireplace and Chimney Test Cells
  • Configurable Test Apparatus to Model Real-World Installations
  • Full-Scale Testing and Constant Monitoring and Logging of Temperatures Within Test Structure
  • Cellulose Insulation Fire Characteristics and Testing
  • Trial Exhibit Models