Schaefer Engineering Overcoming Challenges with Technological Solutions

This year, 2020, has been a challenging year for businesses and professionals alike. Many in-person examinations, meetings, conferences, depositions, and so much more have been restricted, postponed, and even cancelled.  However, the challenges of 2020 regarding forensic engineering that Schaefer Engineering has faced have been overcome through the application and use of technological solutions.  Fire scene examinations have been conducted virtually through the online presentation of drone imagery, 3-D laser scanning data and models, and digital imagery through various online presentation platforms.  Secured, streaming video of laboratory examinations has allowed investigators to attend and participate in examinations while maintaining social distancing.  Our team has even continued to attend and present at industry conferences using video and web conferencing software.  Although we have been faced with many challenges this year, Schaefer Engineering has adapted to and overcome these challenges through continued use and application of technology.

Responsible dronemask