Our Expertise

Schaefer Engineering has been investigating and reconstructing vehicular accidents since their inception in 2002, and our experts have been consulting in this field for over 24 years.  We specialize in both commercial and passenger vehicle accidents involving heavy trucks, buses, passenger cars, trains, motorcycles, and pedestrians.  In addition, we’ve reconstructed both on-road and off-road accidents involving ATV’s and other utility and recreational vehicles. 

Our experts have extensive experience in vehicle inspections, evidence and data collection, and analysis.  The firm is part of numerous emergency-response teams for several trucking companies and law firms.  Schaefer Engineering is, and remains, abreast of the latest technology in the field through continuing education and research.


Our Capabilities

  • Rapid response service – 24/7.

  • Event data collection and analysis – “blackbox” downloads for heavy trucks and passenger vehicles.

  • Scene and vehicle documentation with 3D Laser Scanning and measurement system.

  • 3D reconstruction and modeling.

  • High-resolution aerial drone documentation of accident scenes.

    • FAA Licensed Part 107 Drone Pilots

  • Comprehensive mechanical inspections of the vehicles.

  • Construction of models and other demonstrative aids to assist the comprehension of complex incidents.